How we solved a noise issue

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We keep getting requests from you asking to uncover more detail about our technology and its unique potential. And we’re happy to do so :)

Let’s give a bit of context first. The wind industry has struggled to develop a distributed, On-Site Generation model in the urban marketplace for years, but the current technologies for wind are inadequate to suit urban wind concepts.

One of the key reasons is sound pollution. Almost everyone who had an experience with wind turbines in an urban environment would say: “They’re too noisy!” or “I have a headache when I’m around”, and even “I feel sick”, “I start to feel anxious”.

Here we would consider mainly horizontal axis wind turbines as they’re generally much more efficient and cost-effective than vertical axis ones.

The issue with them is a large generator, and their twisted blades create infrasound. This is happening because the outer edge of the blade moves at a very high speed, which can be ten times faster than the wind speed. We do not consciously perceive low-frequency sound (infrasound), but it affects the vestibular apparatus. Low-frequency noise from the turbines stimulates the production of false signals in the inner ear, which leads to dizziness and nausea, memory problems, anxiety and panic.

Sirocco Wind Turbines are designed to have a slow movement of the blades, without twisting. They are mounted in the middle. In this way, we can reduce the wind force on the blades by 4 times! This allows us to make the blades lighter as well. In addition, the blades have a unique aerodynamic profile that generates a lift force at lower wind speeds and, at the same time, has less drag force.

All elements of the moving part are made of lightweight materials, composites, aluminum, titanium, steel and are designed to have the least possible weight. All rollers are made of polyurethane and practically do not create noise when rolling on a guide.

The track is attached to the frame through special vibration dampers, so that the small operational vibration is not transmitted to the frame and, accordingly, to the ground.

The turbine doesn’t produce infrasound. Mechanical noise is very low. The main source of mechanical noise is the generator. We use several smaller ones instead of one large one. The noise from them fades much faster. To make an example, sound waves are similar to waves in water. Waves from a large boat are higher and diverge much further than waves from 3-4 smaller boats of the same total power.

All these technological features give us a huge advantage - Sirocco wind turbines can occupy a unique niche - the market of urban and suburban areas: private houses, shopping centers, warehouses, factories, charging stations etc. Being a technology, you can comfortably live and work by.

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