Twice more energy than solar

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We’ve got a bunch of questions from you about our efficiency compared to solar systems. We believe that there’s no real competition, and we need even more solutions in renewables to make a complete shift from fossil fuels. Moreover, sun and wind complement each other perfectly. But we do understand that sometimes people need to make choices in favor of one technology, so we will give you a few examples for the comparison.

Let’s say we have 2 systems installed for the warehouse: solar panels and Sirocco wind turbines with the same nominal power output - 150 kWh. We will consider the case with low average wind speed - 3,3 m/s and low average solar radiation - 3,10 kWh/m².

The graphs show energy generation through the year for each system.

The yearly generation of the solar system in this case will be 171112,5 kW, for the wind system - 204147. Thus with Sirocco turbines, we will generate 33034 kW more!

Let’s play fair and consider more options. The following tables show power outputs for two systems with different solar radiation and wind speed parameters.

As we see, already at 3 m/s Sirocco turbines generate the same (a bit more actually :) power as solar with 3,1 kWh/m². But the most amazing fact is - with increased solar radiation, power output increases gradually, but in the wind case - in cubic progression! Already with the wind 6 m/s, Sirocco wind turbines will outperform solar in the very best sun conditions (6,3 kWh/m²) for 240%! How awesome is that?! :)

And if we check the weather conditions for the US cities, we will prove the high relevance of the wind turbines even more.

At the same time, the area occupied by solar panels will be equal to 1020 m² and for wind turbines - 125 m². Almost ten times less!

To make a conclusion, even at the speed of only 4 m/s, the Sirocco wind turbines will generate more energy than the solar panels, regardless of the solar panel location region. It can be twice as much in some areas. Thus, in locations with an average wind speed of 3-3.5 m/s, the Sirocco wind turbines can be a great complement to the solar system, and in sites with a wind speed of more than 4 m/s - the best choice for efficient energy generation.

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